Doing God’s work around the World just makes sense in my life…

Before I know the Lord, before He had rocked my world and given me a purpose in life, I wanted to be a world traveler. Growing up, my grammy & grandad lived in Japan and Saudi Arabia, and we were able to visit them in Japan. Also, my mom took us to visit Mexico several times. And my families form of “vacation” was traveling by car across the east part of the U.S. in a van with 3 kids. So I naturally wanted keep traveling as an adult.
Jump forward to college… I noticed that life was meaningless, without a purpose, in the Spring of 1997. The Holy Spirit was gently tapping on my shoulder, showing me where to find a purpose, but it took from January until June for me to pay attention. Then my life turned AMAZING. Between June and the next January, I felt the Lord leading me away from the major I loved (architecture) to a career focused on Him.
Doing missions just makes sense… travel combined with serving and loving people. Everyone has a way they express love. In my family, this is service – doing work to show your love to another.

God begins using my life for His purpose:
So as college went on, my mission work began. I spent 3 summers working with children with disabilities at Camp Barnabas in Missouri. This taught me to incorporate spiritual lessons into daily tasks. I bath and diapered, carried and snuggled, and disciplined and guided children and adults. This job required reliance on God more than anything else I had done. I also learned to see past the external to what God had designed them to be.

Then the adventure stepped up a level:
At the end of college, I was offered the amazing opportunity to live in Rajasthan, West India, for 3 months. During this time, I met beautiful people representing an entirely different part of God’s nature and design. I fell in love with them and with the idea of teaching them about God. I dreamt of living in Jodhpur forever.

Upon my return from India, I started putting my life in order to get back to Jodhpur. Then I met Joel. During our dating, he told me that until God put a specific direction on his life, he would follow the directions God had given me…
By our 2nd month together, God began to show us the direction He would have us follow together. At a missions conference in Dallas, we were first introduced to Russia as a place in need of Jesus.

More to come, when I have time to write again!


3 responses to “Doing God’s work around the World just makes sense in my life…

  1. yea! a Heather blog i can actually comment on. Love ya girl!

  2. i loved hearing your story last monday… i think you’re awesome! missionaries rawk 🙂

  3. it is amazing how being a missionary is something that started form childhood. I would have to agree with that. Always knew that I was different, different from my family from my world around me. I think it was Gods way of saying you are of this world but not part of it. God is amazing and your life reflects that!!

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