Hurricane Katrina

Well, since I work with the homeless population, things have really gotten busy. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we have had alot of refugees from Louisiana. It has actually been really fun to have such a fast paced work environment. I figured out about a month ago that I like my job when I am busy. I don’t like it when I am bored.
I am really trying to refocus on the goal. So what is the goal… to glorify God. But what is the practical application of this.
As a mom, I am really working on playing more, bossing less. The last 2 days have been good. We have gone in the backyard and played hard after I get home from work. The kids seem to be responding to me better and acting out less – maybe they are just too tired to misbehave! I really want my kids to see me the way I see my mom. She demonstrates who Jesus is for me all the time.
As a wife, I feel like I need a goal. We have been so busy, I don’t know who to glorify God by my interactions with Joel. I have making an effort to nag less… hopefully, that is glorifying to God. I also want to support Joel more. Right now, I am in a holding pattern, waiting for him to attend the Acts 29 Bootcamp so I can follow him in the next steps for the Basilica Community.
As a child of God and member of the body of Christ, I feel like I have lost my plan. Before Darin, I had certain things I was directed to do for our church. I need to figure out if these are still the things to do.

Well, there was a big PAUSE here while I went to do some Star of Hope work…. it was really good. I got to talk to a lady for her extension (which means I decide if she can stay another month here)… she looked very sad. And for once, I had the boldness to share the Gospel. At least sprinkle some seeds. Pray for her… for confidentiality, call her GH.


One response to “Hurricane Katrina

  1. I’m so glad I get to hang out with Darin some next week! If you need any help when you get off work too, I’m here for that… I can stay as late as you need 🙂

    We still have to have a henna party with the girls, too!!

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