Today is not a good day. Darin coughed so much last night that at 2:30 am, I took him to the hospital. They suctioned out his mucus, then put him on oxygen. So, now he is being admitted to stay there for a few days.
This is icing on a bad cake. I have been having a rough week emotionally. I feel overwhelmed by my life and there is nothing to do but hope it passes. September was just a busy month… I wish it would be over.
I stayed with Darin until 6:30am, then Joel got to the hospital and I came to work.
I think the thing that is depressing me most is other people doing my job, being the mom. I feel like I have to organize childcare more than anything else. My heart is breaking.
I am asking God to help me find options that feel better.


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  1. i’m sorry to hear that about darin… you guys are always in my prayers! 🙂

    right now i am transitioning from really slow to extremely busy and it’s crazy.. in about a month from now I will probably go into panic mode and start crying a lot (school does that to me) but God is always there to give us peace (thankfully)!!

    i love ya tons heather!!

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