Life is getting better. I think that I just needed to sit still… Darin going into the hospital did this for me. I have bee sitting with him for the past 16 hours. I feel a lot less stressed.
Today is Arabella’s 4th birthday. My angel is becoming a little lady. Everyday with her is beautiful. I miss her. I haven’t seen Arabella or Holden since leaving for the hospital with Darin. I did talk to them on the phone. Holden and I had a real conversation. He is growing up too fast.

I watched this “Wife Swap” show at the hospital. This millionairess swapped lives with a working-class mom. The rich lady spent all day shopping and working out, then went out to dinner 6 nights/week, while 4 nannies took care of her 4 children (all under 8 years old). I want to kick in the butt. She is missing the best part of her life. She figured this out somewhat by the switch. She said that a change upon returning from the show was that now her daughter woke up and called out for her mom, instead of the nanny. DUH – that is what a kid is suppose to do! It makes me very sad to think that people take for granted time with their kids. Makes me wonder who raised Paris Hilton…


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  1. hmm…that’s exactly the place I came to that was a factor in my decision to be a housewife and mother (well, in 3 months). I totally think that women can work outside of the home but only if they can continue to put their family first. I think I’m too unorganized with my time and such to wear both hats. You are an amazing and strong woman for all that you do and you are a wonderful mother! I have alot to learn from you and the way you love your family! Happy birthday Bella…but happy birthday to you as well…in my opinion this is most definately your day too!

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