Damn that Joel for praying…

Yesterday, Darin’s pediatrician told me that we could go home on oxygen if we were ready. We are definitely ready. This offer didn’t really involve the resultion of the breathing difficulty, just waiting them out at home instead of the hospital. Bitter sweet.

I really started getting excited. I miss being at home. While we are in the hospital, I only see Joel and the kids about 1-2 hours MAX per day. Really, I see the kids this much, but I only see Joel when we swap places, so our time is about 30 seconds per day.

Then we got the news: The sleep study I did with Darin on Wednesday night did not look good. (more details on his website) We now have more specialist to see, so we will stay in the hospital to figure this out.

Now, this was not totally surprising, or all bad news. We did the sleep study to find out if there was a problem. And as I struggled to get Darin to sleep with 30 sensors glued to his head, then covered by a make-shift ski mask, then wrapped in tape… I doubted the need for the study. I actually planned about 10 times during the night to tell the technician that we were not going to finish, to unhook him, and let us go back to our room. But I didn’t. And I am glad we completed it. It might be the reason God has kept him in the hospital – so we would keep testing and find out how to help Darin best. I can understand that.

But I am choosing to blame Joel for having to stay.
He told me that he laid hands on Darin and prayed that God would not just let Darin go home “okay”, but that God would send Darin home “WELL”.

See how it is all Joel’s fault.


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  1. We’re praying for you and Darian and the rest of the family. Nolan is down by TCH everyday, so if there is anything y’all need and can’t get away from the hospital to pick up just let us know. Or any other way we can be of help.

    And I totally see how it is all joel’s fault. 😉

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