Camp Barnabas

One of the experience that has had the greatest impact on my life was working at Camp Barnabas, in Purdy, Missouri. It is a Christian camp for people with disabilities. It is the most beautiful place in the world.
It was at Barnabas that I realized that my body was not something to focus on, or stress about. As I carried friends from their wheelchairs, into the swimming pool, I realized that my body did exactly what I needed it to, whether I liked my patches of cellulite or not.
It was at Barnabas that I realized you can see what a man of God looks like through how he cares for a child. How he wipes a booty. It’s no surprise some of the most wonderful men I have know worked at Barnabas with me.
It was at Barnabas that I went through the most difficult summer of my life, struggling to lead the women counselors as I felt tired and frustrated.

This past week, Extreme Makeover Home Edition was at Camp Barnabas. Most episodes of this show have alot of building, alot of design, mostly showing the process of the remodeling. This episode barely even walked through the 3 buildings built by Ty and his crew. The cameras were captivated by the campers. They really found the essence of Camp Barnabas – the beautiful children who make it special.

Arabella, Holden and Darin will all go to Camp Barnabas when they are 6 years old. Camp Barnabas is alot like the Rise School in that they have the siblings of the children with disabilities come as well. I love this. I never want to seperate Holden from Arabella and Darin, sending them off to seperate experience. Arabella is half-way there – only 3 more years! When she goes, I will have to volunteer so I stick around and see her win the hearts of people walking in my old shoes. Many, I miss that place.

If you are a blog tourist, than check out some of the most beautiful people I have ever met, those I worked with at Barnabas:
Chelsea and Jesse, married this summer
Kevin and Latonya, married last spring


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  1. I cried for two hours straight Sunday night. I miss my kids at Down Home Ranch. God called us out of that and put us here and in this life stage for a reason, but man I miss my kids. It felt so good to cry for a great reason. To see the faces of the designers made me melt. I can only pray that every viewers heart was changed. Let’s hope that episode gets a lot of re-airing

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