So, I went on the mysterious interview mentioned 3 posts ago…
The position of CLASS case manager sounds great:

  • Use government funds (up to $63,000 per year per person) to support a person living in their home/with a relative rather than being institutionalized (group home, etc.)
    • Arrange therapy, home modifications, activities, etc.
    • Do quarterly visits to their home
    • Complete lots of paperwork
  • Create my own schedule, as long as I get all the work done; paperwork could even be done from home.

The interview was great, too. Angela, the director of the CLASS dept. was really nice and we related in alot of areas. She told me she was very interested in hiring me.

The only question is the salary. Basically, the salary starts at less than I currently make. Angela noticed this, and said she was going to request from the director to match my current salary. So, taking the job would not include a raise. Although, it is a hourly pay set-up, so there is potential for overtime…. which I don’t have here.

Now I am left with deciding:

Do I want to change jobs for more flexiblity, but more driving? or Should I stick around here, close to home, and make it work?

Arguments on each side

  • New adventure
  • Flexible hours
  • Driving around, sometimes at home, sometimes far away
  • Unknown amount of stress, but more structured
  • Nice boss
  • Earning level is same, with hope for overtime?
  • Close to home
  • Not flexible hours, unfortunately including Saturdays
  • Not stressful, but undefined and unfulfilling
  • 97% sure Erika (favorite old boss) will be boss again soon
  • If Erika becomes boss, then Melissa will take her job…
  • freeing up Melissa’s position…
  • which I could apply for, have a new adventure, and possibly a raise?

What do you think?
Please comment with insight, perspective, or messages from God.


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  1. Heather,
    I was thinking of you yesterday…I would love to see you before I head home to Oklahoma. I am so glad the job interview went great…it sounds like you would be fabulous there!!

    Love you

  2. i guess which path would you see yourself able to serve God joyfully. i know you will be great with either job. i guess pick your big pros and cons and see which ones mean the most to you. and the job that you see not stressing you out so that you can completely and joyfully focus on your family when you’re not at work. either way, i will be praying for whatever decision you make.

  3. i’m sure you will do excellent in whatever job you choose. i perused your blog and saw pictures. How wonderful children must be. It will be a few years before i have some, but it is very much anticipated. And yes, of course i remember you. but i never called you heather i don’t think. We were on leadership together at camp b.
    ah,the days of kayman, judy, Chris B., and steve

  4. so what did you decide??

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