Friday night was a great time for me. I had a huge Kaleo slumber party. Upon reflecting on this time, I realized that something great had happened for me:
I spent the night as Heather. Not as Arabella, Holden & Darin’s mom. But as me.
Since becoming a mom, it has been easy to hid behind the kids in new or scary social situations. I can be there and never go beyond the level of regurgitate odds’n’ends about the kids. It is very safe, but completely unfulfilling.
Friday, the kids were safely tucked away with Joel’s mom, Darin and Joel were snuggling at the hospital, and I completely let my guard down. I realized this Saturday morning when I had not called to check on how Holden slept or what they ate.
I think I did okay on my own. I was not so socially ackward that I sat alone in a corner. Actually, my whole night was spent drawing Henna art on hands and ankles. A beautiful way to interact – holding the hand of a friend and making them even more beautiful.

My relationgship to Kaleo is weird. Not outwardly, but inwardly. I know we are leaving to plant Basilica. Sometimes, it dawns on me to wait for the new church to create unity, friendship, and strength in a group of women. But then I remember the wandering nature of our call to be churchplanters. We are never going to be anywhere for a long time. But I must continue to invest in each group of women with the same zeal. For in the end, these are my sisters, my support, and from each group I will learn things that will prepare me for the next.

At Ecclesia, I learned to be a mother in a way that feels right to me – nursing, wearing a sling, weighing each decision seriously, choosing my children above my own interests.
At First Baptist, I learned to study the Bible and pursue Him in the midst of motherhood so I could minister to other women.
At Kaleo, I am learning to work together with all the women to be the Body of Christ to one another.

Man, I love these women.


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  1. I love this post. I am so glad that you’re being loved well, and that God has given you the right people around you when you need them.

  2. Thnks for making me feel more beautiful every day!

  3. I love ya! The slumber party was awesomely fun.

  4. So sad I missed hanging out with you gals at the slumber party…but whether you’re interacting as ‘Heather’ or ‘Arabella, Holden, and Darin’s mom’, I totally admire you as a woman of God!

  5. i am so glad you were able to let your guard down. I am sure it is very difficult to seperate yourself from your kids, individualizing yourself. I find that hard for me at times…too often I find myself simply as Bill’s wife and never Shannon. I think its healthy that that unity is there on both our parts, and it should be, but I get to thinking how on judgement day I will stand ALONE before God.

    I spent most of my life fearing interaction with other women/girls because I literally hated most of them. I realize now just how important these bonds are. Where else are we going to learn to be godly women so that we can in turn pour into other women’s lives!?

    Ok so this is much to long of a comment but your are just so thought prevoking!

  6. I am not an official Kelo girl, but I always feel so welcomed around all of them. Heather, thank you for always including me in your activities. I know this is going to sound weird, but I think if our friendship was not based on you being you and me being me, it would not have lasted so long and become so strong. You are such an amazing women of God and being beautiful mom comes out of that. Your love of God has made you into the mom you are! I pray to be that kind of mom one day.
    Just a side note, I did think that Arabella would have had a great time with all those girls, she loves girl time.

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