My new job

Well, I had my first day at the new job – loved it! The environment was very nice – friendly people, people truly concerned about the people they serve, willing to help me serve them well. I don’t have ANY computer time as I am training and working 8-5. But eventually, I will be making my own schedule, and driving to see people in their homes, and I will have time to read and write blogs again. I miss my blog reading, so I feel connected to all of you. Thanks for the prayers. Of course, they worked.


4 responses to “My new job

  1. Great!! I so glad you let us know, can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Love you

  2. i am glad its going so well, I am sure this is gonna be a great fit for you!

  3. I’m so excited for you at this job, sis, and know you are going to be awesome at it.

  4. i miss yous guys… i feel like i haven’t seen much of you guys lately. 😦

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