Life has been so busy, I haven’t had time to think, much less blog.

I love my new job. I am finally sitting at my own desk typing this. It is a great environment to work in.

There is a little chaos going on related to Darin. We were anxiously awaiting our “7 month visit” with Darin’s birthmom, scheduled for Dec. 17th. We decided to do it a little early, so it would be part of the holidays, instead of after.
Well, all of our communication is supposed to go through the adoption agency, but since she used by cell phone to call her mom from the hospital when we visited together, she does have my number. She has only called 3 times…
So she called to confirm the appointment on Tuesday night, and really threw me for a loop. She told me that she has become friends with Darin’s possible birthfather’s sister (they met at the bar, Lonnie (BM) is currently working at). The BF’s sister said that the family was irritated that they never had a chance to keep Darin. But Lonnie told me she reassured the BF’s sister that we are the right family for Darin. So, she invited this sister to come to our visit on the 17th.

This is stressful to me. The process to terminate the BF parental rights is lengthy if he was not involved with the initial adoption placement. So, I don’t know any of the repercussions of all this.

I called for the wise counsel of my aunt Joann, who placed a baby for adoption about 14 years ago, and also worked for an adoption agency until last year. Her first and wisest response was:

If Darin is your baby, nothing can change that.

Meaning, of course, TRUST GOD, who orchestrated all of this from the beginning.

But still, the stress is there.



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  1. I will pray for sure. I’ll pray for peace, comfort, a good meeting, and for God to keep Darin with you guys forever. We love you.

  2. once the BF sister sees you with Darin, her eyes will be open. We will pray for yall. Can’t wait to see you on Sat.!!!!

  3. Not that you would ever want to “take” anyone’s baby, but Texas has a registry that potential father’s must place themselves on within 30 days of the birth of said child. Unless they do that, they will be hard pressed to find a judge that will interfere with the adoption. Especially after 7 months of placement If you lays with a woman, assume you could father a baby and get yourself on the list.

  4. i like your aunt. 🙂

    *praying for you all still, though*

  5. Darin is getting so big! I love seeing him grow 🙂

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