God’s design and pregnancy

The last post made me think about another thing that shows God’s amazing design – pregnancy. Now, it is obvious that God is designing the formation of the baby. But what I was able to appreciate during both of my pregnancies was God’s design in the TIMING! God could have had a baby grow and develop at any rate he wanted – a day or 2 years (yikes!)… but as we know, these times do exist in other creatures.
So, I want to focus on 9 months…
In these 9 months, you can see that God know his creation (us) completely.
In the first 3 months, you are able to adjust to the idea of having a baby, without really needing to “do” anything… maybe just stop doing things (caffeine, smoking, rock-climbing, etc.)
In the next 3 months, fears of how you can afford a baby, how you will learn to raise a child, etc. can be strong, and if the baby was born in this time, you would probably feel unprepared (as when a premie is born)
But the last 3 months are the perfect final. The 6 months prior have given you sufficient time to explore your fears, plan the best you can, then get over being in control, and just get EXCITED! By the end of 9 months, you are NOT hoping for another day to prepare. You are as ready as you will ever be, and you are completely in LOVE with the baby inside of you.
Thanks, God, for knowing what we need.

I was really able to appreciate this with Darin, who we found out about end of May, born 3 weeks later (early June), and we brought home on July 5th. All the emotions and preparations did not arrive until he was 3 months old… adoption has a process of it’s own.


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