I have so much to talk about, I don’t know how to begin…

In case you didn’t realize, Basilica started having a service 2 weeks ago… since some of our members love MySpace, they created a page and we are taking turns blogging about the service each week.

Reflections from 2 weeks of churchplanting

After months of planning, strategizing, praying, hoping, dreaming, guessing, we finally had a service on May 6. After this service was over, I realized one major thing:

We have to do this all over again next week.

There are many levels to this realization, but on the most raw level, I realized that the tiredness I felt, and pressure to get it all together for Saturday, would be repeated NEXT Saturday.

But actually, throughout the week after that first service, I realized that most of the work was done for another week, and Joel and Jessica would be doing most of the preparation for each week’s services by preparing the music and the message.

Then my mind began to grasp what the main task would be for all of us now that a service had been successfully executed:

People. Loving people, demonstrating Christ to people, being the Church to people, spending time with people.

You see, there are HUNDREDS of “churches” for people to attend services at each weekend. And although the music may differ, and the time of day may be different, all church services contain similar elements – music to worship the Lord, prayer to communicate with Him, and a message challenging the people to live by faith in God.
And most of us think of this as “being a part of church”.

But, when Joel received the call to plan a new church in Southeast Houston, we began to pray and observe the people God is calling us to reach out to… and these people are not becoming a part of the Body of Christ through a service.

How is Basilica going to reach people?
– NOT by simply inviting them to a service and expecting them to come on their own – they’ve been there, done that, and it didn’t make a difference in their life. They were still on their own, but now they had people putting expectations on them.

I feel very strongly that Basilica will only be able to reach people the way Jesus did
– by going to where they are
– by spending time with them
– by demonstrating a new life in His Kingdom through a different way of living and everyday examples

This is intense, time-consuming stuff…. very exciting!

Where do we begin, though – in a practical way?

Making time for people more than ever… seeking them out, pursuing them, spending time talking about what is important to them, loving the, serving them, in ways that are above and beyond what most people do

Oh, wow, that’s the same stuff you should be doing… I guess we are all missionaries.


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