The Basilica in a new location

So, we have been working on planting this church for over a year now. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes exhausting, sometimes completely defeating. Overall, I have grown alot from the challenge of ministering the LOVE of God and the Gospel outside the safe confines of an established ministry.

My favorite part for the past 4 months has been Girl’s Night Out which gradually shifted to Girl’s Bible Study. I have watched young woman battle the tempation to be click-ish and caddy, to have real relationships that help each other get close to God.

But yesterday topped even that!
Yesterday, we moved from meeting in a sunday school room at another church on Saturday afternoon (terrible timing, awkward location) to a building that houses the Baptist Student Ministry for San Jacinto College Central Campus. The building is not huge, but is very good for our size. And we have put a LOT of work into customizing the space (portably – to be redone each week!) to create an atmosphere of worship that reflects our personal style.

But, that is not the main part that I loved about yesterday:
Yesterday, I saw that the Basilica Community has become a body of Christ. More than a group of consumers coming to “get some teaching”, I was able to see different parts functioning where they were gifted.
You see, we had a “planning meeting” last Sunday, and in my dis-organized oversight, I forgot to arrange anyone to help set up this first Sunday. Honestly, sometimes I like to work out details before I present things to a group, but mostly I forgot.
So, when Jessica & I arrived at the BSM an hour late (3pm) and only 2.5 hours before the meal (at 5:30pm), I was SOOOO thankful to be greeted by Jody & Charisa. Then, rolls in the rest of band, Mat. And pops in Andy… followed by Tim, Elisabeth, Dave…

I would never have asked so many people to help. And yet, without each of their hands, we would not have been able to get it all ready.

Thanks, my Basili-babes and dudes!


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