Invisible Children of Uganda

In 2006, some random nobodies like us went Uganda to find out the story behind the Civil War and the use of children as KILLERS! The movie “ Invisible Children” has been used to get the word out about the children who leave their home every night to sleep in the city SO THEY WON’T BE ABDUCTED FROM THEIR HOME.
Since the movie came out, alot of progress has been made… but the children still do not have their home.

In 30 days, on APRIL 28, there will be a gathering called DisPlace Me.

“Displace Me” is the nationwide event giving Americans the chance to respond.

By traveling to one of 15 camps and gathering together, the strength of our size will make a visible statement to our government and media that the citizens of the U.S. demand action in ending the war in Northern Uganda, in order to send the Acholi people suffering in the camps and the abducted children back home. The point is to travel; the point is to become displaced yourself.

Saturday, April 28, 2007 say “Displace Me” and leave your homes to bring them home.
The closest camp is in Austin. I will be going. Join me.


One response to “Invisible Children of Uganda

  1. is it an overnight event?

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