God has laid it on my heart to homeschool Arabella and Holden next year.
It’s kinda weird because, when I felt like homeschooling might be my only option for Holden (at Christmas time), I didn’t want to do it. Then we found Veritas Christian Academy for Holden, and I started talking with them about Arabella attending there.
I remember feeling like I’d be devastated if Veritas didn’t let Arabella attend there.
Then Arabella started her 3 visitation days at Veritas. And I began to realize that I wanted the privilege I was trying to convince them they wanted – to teach my angel. And I realized that I am looking forward to spending lots of time with Bella as best girls in the post-school years… And I don’t want to get there and find her life has been wasted and she has been hurt.
Then I started getting excited. I almost didn’t send her to her 3rd visit to Veritas, except that I hadn’t worked out logistics.
So when last Monday Veritas told me they did not think they are a good fit for Arabella, I said, “I agree!”

I’ve been wanting to simplify my life for awhile, mainly, so I can be better at the important things:

  • Being Joel’s wife
  • training my children
  • ministering through Basilica

While I think I will be busy homeschooling, I will not be fitting training the children into the last 3, tired, hours of the day.


One response to “Homeschooling

  1. Heather, I would so love to talk to you about homeschooling. The eldest girl got into the school we wanted, but even though the school is everything that I could want in a school I just REALLY don’t want to send her, although all “logic” dictates that I should. Lets do coffee sometime?

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