Going out with a bang

Last night, Arabella graduated from her 6th year @ the Rise School of Houston. The night was so intentionally put-together, and I really enjoyed it.

Arabella’s a little bi-polar in performing: she’s the queen or she’s completely shut down. The Annie video is being ON! Her ballet recital was her being totally OFF (we both knew the ballet dance backwards and forwards).

Last night, she was ON. Her class did an introduction routine, and she said her name and age on cue (although according to her, she’s 5). Then they sang “Rise” by the Robbie Seay Band. Arabella started off totally still, but then kicked in with all the signs right on beat.

Then we went to the nearby Marco’s for some food. They had a live musician, playing mostly Mexican music. As you can see from the picture, it was better than a playground. That girl and her brothers can cut a rug!


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