What do these 3 shows have in common?

1. The Office
2. Lost
3. Heroes

None are on right now.
I love them all.

Next best thing: talking about them!

The Office: I just fell in love with this one over the past month.
Favorite characters: Jim and Pam, although Michael Scott has really grown on me.
I think Michael's personality initially seemed weird, but he turns out
to be much like the social-different men in my life, whom I love ( my
dad, my husband, my brother Tim, Michael Rice).
Then there's Pam. Just an average girl, brought to everyone's
attention when Karen đŸ˜¦ comes into the office. The most normal person
there. I feel like she and I have lots in common. Trying to explore
art in a world of much more artist people, often made to look plain by
other's sophistication. But she's the most sincere.
And Jim. So adorable. Enough said.
Favorite episodes: Season 3 Finale & Season 4 Finale – especially the
Kevin joke told to the new HR lady.

Lost: the first of the 3 to become obsessed with, I must confess that
we would watch 3-6 hrs @ a time. I feel like a sci-fi geek when I
discuss podcasts and theories about it with my hubby and friends. It
still bugs me that all the answers to the mysteries may lie in the
imaginary – I know this is silly and illogical, but I like the show
more if I think it follows the same laws (gravity, space-time, etc) as
my world…. cuz then if my plane crashed, these things could happen
to me.
Favorite character: Sawyer. He's totally grown on me. I have become
more and more suspicious of Jack, the obvious favorite, and I think
Sawyer has made more and more selfless choices.
Biggest question: what's up with Jack's (& Claire's) dad?

Heroes: who doesn't love a superhero?
Favorite characters: Claire-bear and Peter
I love when they do the strings showing how everyone
overlaps/crisscrosses…. Although I don't like the portrayal of the
Returning Sept 22nd!


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