Holden and I just finished our first camping trip together. We arrived
@ noon on Monday, and immediately jumped in the Frio for 2+ hour
Holden is an awesome River Rat, swimming in and out of his tube, not
even getting scared when we flipped on the rapids, and acting like a
little motor to pull me and Jessica alone.
Yesterday Holden spent from 10a-5p in the section of river by our
campsite. As we laid on the air mattress for a little rest, he said,
"when are we gonna swim again?"
After I replied, "not for awhile." he laid his head down crashed.

I loved camping with him. We enjoy the same things.

This might have to be our annual Mother-Son trip!


One response to “Camping

  1. Hah! Heather! HOW are you?!

    So good to see what you’re up to and see pics of your beautiful children!


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