My Palin statement…. If anyone cares

Man, I have seen more political discussions in my community since Palin was nominated as Vice Pres candidate – Christians, families with children with Down syndrome, homeschoolers – than ever before.

A few people have asked my opinion about Palin. So here it is:

I was born into the one-issue conservative Right – pro-life. We marched for life and I believed that no one I knew would be a Democrate!

I birthed and adopted 2 children into the Left. They will rely on good social welfare for their whole life. And my occupation has led me to see that without the Church in their full Biblical role of feeder of the widows and orphans, I need to see a strong Democratic government in place to care for the homeless and forgotten.

But I am still so pro-life there is no party for me.

Enter Sara Palin.
1. I don’t think anyone is a saint just for NOT aborting her baby. I think that view is OFFENSIVE and states something in people’s hearts that I don’t want to know about – that children with Down syndrome are lucky if they get born!
2. I don’t know if a politician’s children can change the political views of a party. The Republican’s assumption that every man can/should care for themselves will not be challenged by a special needs child born into an affluent family. I assume all of Palin’s children will have adequate funding.

On the flip side:
I was horrified and my mind sealed SHUT to Obama when I read he fought against saving the life of an out-of-the-womb baby who did not die during an abortion, since this would blur the question of when life begins. If life has not begun after birth, than my children may still be ‘not alive’… And that’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever thought!

So, I’m still hoping for a 3-party system, with option for some one to win between the Republican and Democratic platforms. In my dreams, a pro-life, socially liberal Christian who also opposes fighting people trapped in a religion far from God.

By the way, the war is my other political problem:
Don’t argue that I have to follow my ‘brother’ Bush, killing children of Ishmael for oil – my brother is one doing the will of Our Father:

‘Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.’ Isaiah 1:16b-17


One response to “My Palin statement…. If anyone cares

  1. our political views are more alike than i would have thought.

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