Picking up the pieces from Hurricane Ike

So, Ike came through last night. It was pretty scary. I kept thinking
the wind was a tornado.
At about 9:30p, we pulled 3 twin mattresses into the hall. It had not
rained a drop, and the wind was just starting. Everyone but me fell
asleep, so I got up and watched the storm approach on the news. At
11:30p, our power went out. I went to lay in the dark and stillness of
our hall. About 12a, Joel woke up and started stepping over me, so I
got up and watched the storm with him – up and down with each noise
until Arabella joined us.
During this time, our fence blew down.
Then the Eye passed over @ 4am. It was so calm, everyone on the street
came out to clean up. Then it picked back up. It was louder and
stronger. And it brought down a HUGE tree towering above our garage.
It landed on our back deck and our neighbor's patio roof, and is
laying across our power line.
So, I don't know if we will get power when everyone else does, or if
that tree will cause further delays.

So, today is weird. Quiet – no media running. Hot – no A/C. Aimless –
how do you begin such a big clean up?


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