Awesome strategy

So, Joel mentioned an awesome ‘problem’ according to Pro-choicers.
Apparently, they (Pro Choice) are upset with the public’s positive response to Sarah Palin’s daughter, Piper, licking her hand and smoothing her new brother (with Down syndrome)’s hair during her mom’s speech. They are afraid that this families joy at having this son, show by Piper’s cuteness I guess, will prevent mothers pregnant with babies with Down syndrome from aborting.

Okay, I had no idea how flimsy their case was! If I can just convince people that Arabella and Darin bring joy, no more babies will be aborted.

This is awesome for me! Cuz I have been ‘accused’ before of making it sound like having a kid with Down syndrome is the next best thing after sliced bread! My accuser thought I did not acknowledge the difficulties….
When you are waiting your whole life to get married….. Do you talk about fighting and divorce, or just dream of honeymoons, sex and best friendship?
When you are talking about having kids… Do you talk about rebellious teens, broken arms, learning to turn an unruly preschooler into a functional adult, or just savor snuggles, hugs, teaching?
When you plan a vacation…. Do you stay home because it might be a long flight there, airplane food might be mediocre?

My kids are the best, and I hope our joy can save some babies lives!


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