Piper transforms me again!

Well, actually Jesus transforms me, but uses Piper's words to do it.

Back in 1999, 1 1/2 years after my conversion, I went to the Passion
Conference, where I heard the message that transformed my life. John
Piper did a LONG intro, explaining how glorifying God in abundance is
what the anyone would do, glorifying God in a tragedy is what a
Christian would do, but chosing suffering to bring Him glory is what
we should do.

I lived the next 7 yrs in light of this teaching, passionately driven
to bring Him glory.

When I met and fell in love with Joel in 2000, I drug him to a
conference in Dallas @ Park City Pres (PCPC) where Piper wrecked his
life, too (in a good way).
Piper told us that the call was not to be missionaries, but to be martyrs.
Joel's never been one to do anything halfway, so he understood that he
would have to put God ahead of EVERYTHING.
Joel wasn't ready. On the ride home from Dallas, Joel bought a pack of
cigarettes and tried to run back to his old life.

In the past year, I have been struggling with my faith a lot. No
disbelief, but faith. My courage for God has waned…. It began to
feel pointless.
And I haven't known what to do about it.

I shared some of this with a missionary, Shannon, I spent last weekend
at a Pastoral Vision pow-wow with. She prayed some poignant prayers
for me then.

This weekend @ the Desiring God Regional Conference in Austin, Piper
once again put me in my place.
Below God, in awe of Him, in need of Him.

The topic was Job and his suffering.
I saw God purpose and plan stretchng Job through the trials Satan
requested to attack him with.
I was reminded once again that I am the creation, and I have NO RIGHT
to question God.
I was inspired to pursue God's glory once again.


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