CVS & prescriptions

When Joel had his heart attack (12/30/08), he got put on 5
prescriptions immediately – $90 in copays.
Thankfully, I has spent my Christmas vacation learning about The
Grocery Game & reading

By finding 'Transfer your Rx' coupons, I have spent only $10/month out
of pocket…

Here's how it worked yesterday:

Joel had 3 prescriptions Auto-refill @ CVS.
I prefer to keep my Rx's @ CVS, and so do they… So I don't transfer
them! I just use the coupon I would if I had transferred to Walgreens
without the hassle!

1st Rx$10 copay – $10 cash… Get $25 Giftcard with coupon from
Walgreens ad
2nd Rx$10 copay – $10 off GC… Get $25 GC= Balance $40
3rd Rx$30 copay – $30 off GC… Get $25 = Balance $35

If I was smart, I would save this GC for next Rx refills… Then I
wouldn't have the $10 out-of-pocket.


One response to “CVS & prescriptions

  1. Michael & Tammi

    So it seems like Joel’s Heart attack is paying for itself. One month at a time. I need to get back into all of this.

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