Completed books

I’m trying to remember all the books I’ve read since having kids… the slim group that I always recommend:

  • Girl Meets God: I loved how Lauren portrayed the beauty of the Jewish faith while showing how it lead her to Jesus.
  • Mudhouse Sabbath: This has made me long for some routine/ritual in my faith that Judaism uses to savor the Lord, and that I rush through. Especially as it relates to death & mourning, and the sabbath.
  • The Irresistible Revolution: It was nice to read about some Christians concerned about the poor.
  • A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion series): I learned so much about faith and praying during suffering from the example of Haddasah, and was sent inside myself to analyze my sense of “entitlement” in questioning authority figures and God.
  • An Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion series)
  • As sure as the Dawn (Mark of the Lion series): I watched as one early Christian took the steps necessary to reach a group of people with the Gospel, laying down his citizenship and rights, without all the glamour and recognition of being called a “missionary”. It was just being a Christian, not the extra commitment we seem to think it takes to be a missionary.
  • Peace like a River: This is the book that I loved, but that showed me I don’t like fiction about faith. I was frustrated that this was all made up – I would rather see this interesting faith journey come out of real life, not imagination.
  • Despereaux: Amazingly enough, this children’s book, read aloud in preparation for the disappointing movie, was very well written and addressed similar issues to that encountered in faith. These issues are sometimes easier to see when placed in a different culture (mouse culture vs. human culture) and value system (being afraid of people vs. living in fear of breaking out of the norm).
  • Expecting Adam: This is the only book by a parent of a child with Down Syndrome I have ever read. One of my client’s mom recommended it, so I borrowed it. An intriguing story. I felt sad for the mother that all the supernatural revelation never led her to God; she came up with her own “explanation” – her pre-birth son with Down Syndrome communicating with her things she would need to endure his life of non-communication. Well written… but sad.
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife: After hearing the premise (and plot) of this book from Kelly, I kept thinking about it for months. So, I finally read this about 2 weeks ago, so I would beat the upcoming movie. I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe this was the author’s first book – she really developed the characters well and organized the time travel, developing the rules clearly and using them consistently. I wish the writer’s of LOST and Heroes were so kind! I really hope the movie is able to communicate all of the unspoken issues.
    This book, and the previous, showed me how worldview really does effect how you view right and wrong and options in life. I wish I had done a book club with this book, so we could have discussed the questions at the end of the book.
  • The Reason for God: In progressThis is the only non-fiction/non-biography I have wanted to stick with. Very well organized and answers all of life’s big controversies!
  • The Piety of Calvin: In progressThis book made me realize that I would like to learn about the formation of my faith, but rather than through a theology book, I would like to read about the people who (re)defined it and how they got to those ideas. If I read one sentence, I may have to dwell on it for awhile.
    For example,

    “…believers receive from Christ by faith the “double grace” of justification and sanctification, which together provide a twofold cleaning. Justification offers imputed purity while sanctification brings actual purity.”

    [Justification: remission of sins and right to eternal life by faith through Jesus
    Sanctification: process by which the believer increasingly becomes conformed to Christ in heart, conduct and devotion to God]

    “Justification and sanctification are inseparable… To separate one from the other is to tear Christ in pieces; it is like trying to separate the sun’s light from the heat that light generates. Believers are justified for the purpose of worshiping God in holiness of life.”


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