I guess I would say I am in an Identity Redefinition… maybe Refinement.
I am not in the midst of any huge life changes, but my life has shifted itself.

  • My kids are getting older, and gaining independence.
  • I have more help with my kids thanks to the 2 state programs that provide support in our home for Arabella (CLASS) and Darin (MDCP).
  • I have had the same job for almost 4 years, so it has gotten pretty easy for me to manage. And enjoyable.
  • Basilica has 3 guys about to become elders… and even as they have been training, they have been taking over the vision and planning with Joel that we used to do together.

So, I am trying to figure out what kind of order to put to my new found time/freedom. Joel recommended that I do this in order of my roles and the priority they plan in my life… for example:
1. Child of God
2. Wife
3. Mother
4. Minister of the gospel
5. Employee
But I can’t really wrap my mind around this method yet.

So I guess I will just make a list of things that I think I want to do/would be interested in doing, and sort it that way. Then I can see what is feasible. Some of these I have already started working on/pursuing/doing:

  1. Making more homemade food/less out of boxes, processed food for my kids. This summer I have already started by making yogurt every 3 days, and mixing it with berries & honey. I have also started making homemade wholewheat pita and swapping with Tammi for homemade hummus. I attempted granola and fruit leather, but neither was worth repeating. I’m gonna give pizza crust a shot this week.
  2. Getting my prerequisites so I can be a nurse someday. I need to take Anatomy&Physiology 1 & 2, Chemistry, another science (forgot which one), and Philosophy before I can ever apply for a nursing program. This won’t be anytime soon (the Nursing School) cuz I have to be able to take 2 years off work… but I want to have all the pre-work done so I am ready when I can go.
  3. Lose weight, get in shape, etc. I started working out 3 days per week this spring… and counted calories for awhile. I think I will try to bump it up to daily workouts for the fall. I’m not sure what strategy to go with food…maybe back to Weight Watchers…
  4. Return to leadership/discipleship of women. I’m not too bad at keeping up with my girls… but actually leading a Bible study, or even writing one, has been far from my life for a few years. I think I need to get back to that!
  5. Now to figuring out how to begin…


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