Feeding my family

To piggyback on my last post, another strategy has been to buy less food with packaging & advertising and to cook/make items from basic ingredients.

My inspiration for this was hearing the author who made the popularized ‘anti-high fructose corn syrup’ statements, explain his original intentions: (paraphrase from memory)

High fructose corn syrup is no worse for you than other sugar.
But it’s presence in an item usually indicates a highly-processed item… Items like potatoes & hamburgers don’t need sugar.
And packaging is the same. Broccoli farmers don’t have money for advertising.
We should stop worrying about the corn syrup and:

  • Eat less overall
    • Eat less processing food
      • Eat more fruits & veggies

My first effort to do this is with yogurt. 2-3 of my kids were eating at least 1 $0.50 Yoplait each day… and it was not organic & has lots of sugar.
Solution: use 1/2 gallon $3 of organic milk + fruit + minimal honey/sugar

1. Boil milk (I use skim-2%) to 180*F.
2. Cool milk to 110*F.
3. Add spoonful of yogurt (I use Yoplait – and comes out pudding-thick).
4. Transfer to yogurt maker/warmer. (I use a vintage Salton.)
5. Incubate 2 days (ie. Start Mon, done Wed)
6. Pour off liquid.
7. Put in storage container, add fruit & sweetener.
8. Refrigerate… Will thicken more as cools.
I think this works good because them we just take out a single serving, usually smaller than a $0.50 Yoplait.

My second effort came out of Tammi’s idea for us to barter – my yogurt for homemade bread… her hummus for ???… of course, pita! Money Saving Mom claimed this Homemade Wholewheat Pita recipe was better than store bought… She is right! I make the dough in a breadmaker, then roll out mini-pitas. They are amazing… A batch is about 2 bags of pita!

I have also attempted Granola bars & Fruit leather (in oven)… Neither are right yet!


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