Vacation & parenting

Last summer, Holden & I tagged along on Jessica’s family’s yearly trip to Camp Riverview on the Frio River. It was a blast. Holden is a little river rat and a flexible, laidback camper. I promised him we would be back!

After a busy June & July, our summer winded down in August. And my birthday was the 3rd & Holden’s is the 23rd…
So off we go to celebrate with our freshly-labeled ‘2nd annual Mother-Son Frio trip’. We are going back to Camp Riverview, just down the road from Garner State Park. We are tent camping with just the basics. We are gonna shop together on the way to pick out our meal. We brought our bikes so when we aren’t floating we can explore. We are staying 3 days-2 nights. Can you tell I’m excited?

The bonus: on the way, we are going to the original Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels with Jessica, Jimmy and Marian, Jimmy’s mom!

The only drawback: Arabella heard the planning chatter, and started asking to come. I really felt sad, and made plans for a mini-trip to Galveston for her birthday.
I know I have done lots of one-on-one with her… And I really want to set apart special time with each kid… But it’s hard to not feel like you’re excluding the others.

Well, off to Schlitterbahn!


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