A slightly hypocritical, but repentant rant

After realizing this is Adoption Awareness month, I decided it is time to rant…

Only in America do we CLAIM the luxury of giving a home to children who are without one “at the right time.”

“right time” – typical definition: when I have the money to give each kid more than they need, when I’ve gotten my goals met, when everyone around will think we are in the “right place”

For several years, I have been following the ministry of Starfish Kenya, a US church-based non-profit set up to support a Kenyan named Margaret.
Margaret works for the Kenyan-version of CPS (Child Protective Services). She happens to have a large piece of land, and a decent salary.
When Margaret came across TONS of children whose parents/adult relatives had died/were dying of AIDS, she didn’t wait for the”right time”.
She started taking these kids home. And getting the word out that she needed God and the church to help her care for them.
So they gave her house a name – House of Hope.
But all it is is Margaret’s house. That she opened up.
Prior to her husband’s death in November 2005, she had 31 orphans who PERMANENTLY call House of Hope home.
Now, she has 118 children calling her mom.

But you’re probably saying, “But it costs as much as a car to bring an African adoptee to the US.”

Right here in the US, there are 130,000 children in foster homes/orphanages… needing a forever home.
What’s the difference between a foster home and a forever home?
A forever home: (description of my family & probably your’s)
– continues to help you even when you are an adult and things are hard.
– continues to love you, invest in you and your family FOREVER
– accepts you unconditionally and works on your crap, instead of moving you to “a better fit”

So, why did call this a “slightly hypocritical rant”?
Because I think that our flawed thinking applies to our view of having children in general – it is something we decide when we will have, controlling how many we can handle, thinking we are lord over.
I’m hypocritical because I had my fallopian tubes blocked in 2005… I had “good reasons” at the time:

  • We barely had enough money for the kids we had at the time.
  • Darin was very sick, and if I got pregnant, we didn’t think we could manage.
  • 3’s a nice number, right?… that’s how many kids are in my family…

I don’t believe this was my job to decide. But I did.
Thankfully, God is in control of filling my house, either way. So my “repentant” part is that I will always have an open “quiver” for the Lord to fill when He thinks we are ready.

I’m not advocating reckless, in debt living…. but if you spend money each month on a cellphone… movies… clothes… eating out, then maybe you have more resources than you think.
Giving a child a home doesn’t mean you guarantee them EVERY physical amenity.
Giving a home is about love and reliability – those don’t cost much (or they cost everything).

Pray about it. Seriously, as the guy in this article points out, getting 130,000 children in forever homes is a very achievable goal!


One response to “A slightly hypocritical, but repentant rant

  1. Thanks for this Heather. In doing some looking on the internet found out that there are over 1,000 kinds in foster care here in West Virginia waiting to be adopted. That is just such a crazy high number to me considering there are only about 1mil people total in the whole state! I don’t know if you read this blog http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/ but you should. every time I do I want to fly over there and bring a dozen children home. Makes me start to cry just thinking about it. I have the same reaction reading about the kids here in my state. Looking into what the state requirements are for adoption here.

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