Darin… this one is actually about him

Well, that last post took a life of it’s own, and ended up about adoption more than Darin.
But Darin is not adoption. And Darin is not Down syndrome.

Darin is AWESOME!
From the start, Darin was the sweetest little man. He didn’t ask for much, but always offered a smile.announcement_2
When he was 3 months old, we all got a cold, and he ended up with pneumonia. He had to go on oxygen, I.V.’s, sleep with bi-pap machine… and he was SO easy about it all. He would actually stop crying for a procedure in the hospital if you sang to him – mostly “itsy bitsy spider”. We ended up spending all but a week of 3 months in the hospital before he came home with his oxygen. 10.31.05 (12)
Darin went on and off oxygen for most of his first year, but he never acted like the tubing was a problem.

All of that is pretty ancient history now…
Darin is now 4 year, 4 months… developmentally, he’s in his TERRIBLE TWO’s. He isn’t so much terrible with tantrums. It is all about MISCHIEF. He is so mischievous!
Darin’s main mischief involves climbing everything. He climbs on the table to dance, he climbs on the bathroom counter to get a toothbrush (which he loves!), he climbs on the bookshelf to get a DVD (which I hate!). He also loves to unload my refrigerator. Since he can’t talk very much, and what he does say is not clear, he just brings items to me – jars of mayonnaise, hotdogs, apple juice, and EGGS!
But to make up for it, he is really developing his entertainer personality. He is figuring out what makes us laugh, and he does it as much as possible. When he thinks he is doing something cute, he headbangs while spinning around. The first time he did this, he was wearing a long “Gabriella” wig… so he looked like a butt-rocker!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures, Darin making Valentine’s choc-dipped strawberries for me! valentine's day 009
Thought you might like to see Darin with his tummymama, Lonnie 100_1922

2 responses to “Darin… this one is actually about him

  1. what a beautiful little boy and so lucky to have two mummies

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