Texas Children’s Hospital – NICU materal care

I love Texas Children’s Hospital. All 3 of my children have spent time here, from Open Heart Surgery to months with pneumonia to lots of appointments with specialists.
I have very few complaints…
But here’s one:
Moms on patient floors who are nursing are recognized for their huge contribution – food & immunity.
BUT moms in the NICU are not recognized & cared for.

2 cases in point:
1. September 12, 2001 – September 29, 2001: on Arabella’s 2nd day of life, she was taken from St Luke’s Hospital next door to TCH. I had a room at St Luke’s 1 day after that.
They for the next 17 days, I sat at her bedside in the NICU. There was a cot to sleep on the a common sleeping area.
But there was no food for me. Now, realize, the hospital was not feeding her – I was pumping at the Breastmilk bank every 2 hours to provide her food.
But I either had to spend $15-$20/day @ McD’s (only restaurant in TCH/St Lukes at the time)… or have food delivered (Thank You, Ecclesia small group).

So I was shocked to find upon my next admission, when Arabella was 3 months, that upon checking into a patient room and reporting she ate breastmilk, I received a ‘Breastfeeding Mother’ tray.

Why did they care about me when I had a private room more than when I wandered around post-partum?


One response to “Texas Children’s Hospital – NICU materal care

  1. I am so sorry that happened. I work at the Woman’s hospital, and the food there is cheap. 🙂

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