Tonight, Jessica, Jimmy, uncle Tim & Andy came over for our post-Thanksgiving gathering. And Bella started tossing a soccer ball to me while we chatted… and that gradually turned into all of us kids & grown ups playing catch.
So I threw out to questions to answer as you caught the ball.
First, what was the best part of your week?
Then, what are you hoping to do this next year?

Holden’s answers were awesome and I think very revealing about him.
1st catch: ‘To be a pastor’
2nd catch: ‘To see a shooting star, and wish upon it that I will get super powers to set things on fire with my eyes.’

Of course, with Andy Von Kanel in the room, this 2nd statement was followed by a flurry of ‘super power’ related plans… from Andy, Jimmy, Tim & Holden!

Then I asked ‘but what are some non-superpower related plans for this year?’:
7th catch: ‘To start a club to pass out tickets at school to any kids who don’t know about Jesus & want to go to church.’
8th catch: ‘To learn about God and memorize the rest of the Bible verses.’

This game was not serious, influencing Holden’s answers. Everyone else was giving silly answers, more in line with his super hero plans.

I am amazed how my sweet Holden is such a balance of serious & silly.
His heart is so sincere in seeking God.
At the same time, he is 6 years old.

I love it.
I love him!


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