Change came!

The New Year brought in some major change for our family.
Joel went back to school!

During December, we were waiting and praying about an opportunity it join the churchplanting efforts in Vermont.
We thought the decision would be made early in December, but when it was postponed, we took the time to think about other options.

One of the ministry roadblocks we have encountered was that Joel was not formally educated for pastoring. His Associate’s Degree did not reflect his knowledge or experience.

So it’s time to get the paper to back the experience.

We looked into programs all over the country with accelerated Bachelor/Masters programs. And the only one that included study of Biblical Languages is right here at HBU (Houston Baptist University).

So we withdrew our name from the Vermont opportunity, told them, “see ya in 2.5 years”, and enrolled at HBU.


2 responses to “Change came!

  1. Good luck to Joel in his accelerated program!

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