Book: The Gospel according to LOST

Gospel according to LOST I haven’t been reading as much as I want to, but fit in a light read on several days at the VA with my Mimi.

My husband already wrote a much better blog on this book… but here’s my attempt.

I love LOST.
I like Chris Seay, and many of his co-authors in the Ecclesia family (namely, J Wakeham).
So I was curious to see how those 2 could go together.
I was really surprise just how well.

The Gospel according to LOST was written vignette-style, with a chapter on most of the main characters, and then chapters on the interpersonal relationships between different characters.
It was so enlightening!
The most surprising to me was the chapter on Hugo (Hurley). I didn’t realize how central and relate-ible he is.
The most accurate chapter was on Sawyer. I really like the closing ideas about how we do/do not want bad boys in our life to be redeemed.

The weirdest part of reading this book was how it influenced my viewing of the LOST Season 6 Premiere last night.
I’m not sure if I was watching the movie through my eyes, or the eyes of the book. It was definitely helpful for refreshing my memory, since I have only had time to rewatch Season’s 1-3, and didn’t recall much about the “Man in Black” who turned out to be a central character in the Season 6 premiere. If the book had not pointed this out, I would have been totally shocked by those flashbacks, and even more confused.


One response to “Book: The Gospel according to LOST

  1. There are many things Chris pointed out that I am not aware of previously.

    I had to watch again a few episodes after reading this book.

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