Take action

Someday, I plan to be a frontlines missionary – on the ground in a difficult-to-live, unreached land. Until then, I will fight for them.

1. Read about the Betor family. Read about work since the earthquake.
2. Read the post titled “Se Lavi”.
3. Now take action…
—bug someone. Just because they are originally from Indiana doesn’t mean our Senator can’t help. Type in Google.com “US Senator” & your state.
—try emailing Haiti-Earthquake@state.gov (see details)
4. Email them…. here’s what I wrote:

I appreciate your time reading this. I am writing about an urgent matter.
The Betor family needs you help. They are a family of US citizens and Haitians, working together since 1994 to serve the people of Haiti. (http://haitirescuecenter.wordpress.com/about-2/)
They have worked tirelessly since the earthquake, providing care and support for many people at personal sacrifice.

The Betor family sent their 3 sons to Seattle to recover with family.
Elicia Beth (Zachary) Betor (DOB: Jan 2, 1975) is a US citizen working in Haiti since 1994. She is pregnant.
Her husband Frantz Henoch Betor (DOB: July 19 1979) is Haitian, and the father of 3 US citizens.

They need to come to Seattle and rest. They need to see their children.
They will return to Haiti. They will bring hope to Haiti.
Why are we standing in the way of this?

On 2/25, Frantz’s passport was taken at the US Embassy in Port Au Prince to be processed for a Visa to visit his children in the USA.
Since that day, when Enoch and his wife return to the Embassy, they are bullied by US military. The passport is missing, and no Visa has been issued.

Fix this.
Get Enoch a Visa.
Give them a chance to rest.
Then they will be right back in Haiti making the USA look good!
(More details at http://haitirescuecenter.wordpress.com/2010/02/08/se-lavi/)

Do it now.


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