Prior to the earthquake that rocked Haiti in January, I had not thought of Haiti ever. I may have heard that they were the poorest country in the world, but had no context for that information. And even when the earthquake hit, I did not have a face for the country.
But I started reading information posted by @caseyzachary on Twitter, links to his family’s ministry Real Hope for Haiti.
I encountered some information I never imagined.
I have NEVER imagined a life where my children suffer from malnutrition so severe that their skin cracks, and the bloat, all while weighing 15 lbs or less. (3-5 year old children)
I have NEVER imagined letting my children drink unclean water, water that will make them sick, because I have no other choice.
I have NEVER imagined having 2 children with Down syndrome, and all the medical needs they come with, and not having access to the medical care they need.
On a podcast, Planet Money (closely connected to my fav podcast, This American Life) broadcast from Haiti, they told about a mom who is an entrepreneur trying to give her kids ONE BREAK that may allow them to escape the poverty. And the radio interviewer reflects on
– how that one break is many times impossible for a Haiti family to provide, and
– how many breaks are built into the lives of many children here. (to mention a few – CLEAN water running from our faucets, public schools that are pretty good, CREDIT)
This information has made it hard for me to wear the “blinders” to the world that usually enable me to buy more clothes, drink more over-priced lattes, and spend my money the way I want.
Then yesterday, the floodgates broke.
I listened to a report from Pastor Mark Driscoll on his post-earthquake trip to Haiti. Please listen.
Then consider if you could split your “breaks” with someone else.
For the lady mentioned on Planet Money, the “break” she needed was only about $100.


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