How my dad connects me to God

My dad is awesome!
Every moment of my life, I have known I could rely on my dad.
He is definitely a superhero – able to save me from any cliff I might trap myself on.
My dad’s love has never had any strings attached – it never dawned on me that it could/would be withdrawn based on my actions.
But I also knew he was in charge, and there were consequences for disobedience.

So my definition of ‘dad’ is stable, self-sacrificing, unconditionally loving, strong, respect-worthy.

My dad’s not perfect, but really great.
And as a starting point for picturing God, he’s great.

As an adult, I have come to realize how much our earthly father effects our connection to our Heavenly Father.

Thanks for all you are & all you do, daddy!


One response to “How my dad connects me to God

  1. So glad you have such a positive memory and opinion of my wonderful husband.

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