Off to Haiti

It’s 48 hrs til I leave for Haiti & I can’t sleep.
Lots of nervous energy.
Not a lot left to do.

Lucky for me, my best friend just had a baby in the wee hours of this night, so I can think on her!

Pre-trip thoughts:

  1. I’m nervous about the length of my trip.
    I knew that I would have this feeling – 9 days feels SO long not to see or talk to my babies.
    When planning, I thought 2 weeks seems like a good length to really get to know Haiti… 4 days seems like a good length to be away from the kids ~ average those & you get 9 days.
    Usually, after my third night away, I’m done enjoying the new place or old friends & need my snuggles.
    So please pray for endurance & for no worrying, especially days 4-9.
  2. I’m super excited to meet Licia.
    Licia is one of the members of the family that started & runs Real Hope for Haiti. She’s a mom of 3, works side-by-side with her sister in running a clinic & long-term (3-6 months) recovery center for little kids and fundraises for tons of different projects through the website. She’s my hero! I can’t wait to try to figure out how to provide stateside support to her!
  3. I’m really excited to be going with Karen!
    Karen & I were highschool BFFs, roommates at Texas A&M (Class of ’99 – WHOOP!), and she was the stable one in my crazy years before Jesus.
    The past 2 years, we have really grow close again. I’m so excited to meet & fall in love with Haiti together!
  4. I’m excited for time with Amanda, too!
    Amanda was one of my original Basilica girls – she moved to Pasadena & visited Basilica our first church service at the San Jac BSM. She’s almost a little sister, after having a brief dating relationship with my little bro Nathan & traveling to Mexico for missions with my mom.
  5. I’m blown away by the support of Kaleo & my friends near & far!
    I didn’t try to raise financial support to pay for me to go on this trip – just didn’t seem like what I should do this time.
    But I did ask for help with supplies to fill our suitcases & money to give to Real Hope for Haiti.
    Yikes! I set my goals too low!

    • After packing the 5 suitcases to their 50# limits last Sunday, I was give lots more stuff on Thursday.
      I had to get creative – I sorted all the stuff heavy-to-light, then filled smaller bags with heavy stuff mainly, then light stuff as filler… Working my way down to the biggest bag packed with the bulkiest, but light stuff. It all fit!
    • I set my financial goal at $650 – $150 to check the bags, $500 to leave with Licia. I think I’m at $900 right now!

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  1. calledsoldier4

    check out a trip to Haiti a group took recently at

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