Cazale, Haiti: Day 4

Thursday: my spirit is much lighter today.

Marlene with Karen

I got a good night sleep and that makes a big difference! Last night, I was kinda weepy as I went to bed. The girl that has been here 3 months, Jess, has one little girl from the Rescue Center, Marlene, that has stayed with her all 3 months. They are inseparable, and Marlene is really quiet, so I haven’t interacted with her much. As I laid in my bunk, Marlene came up to me and indicated that she want to climb up with me. Then when Jess came in there, Marlene told her in Creole that she wanted to sleep with me. I showed her the pictures of Arabella, Holden & Darin, and she seemed to understand who they were to me. It was so sweet and comforting.

Then I slept like a rock – 9:30p-8:30a! The power didn’t go out at the normal time, so I just kept sleeping.

Once I got up, I spent most of the day with the new baby who came in last night, Jean-roni. He is actually doing really well. It’s like feeding a preemie, one ounce at a time, every hours. But he seems like a fighter, and smiles when I get close to his face.


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