Cazale, Haiti: Day 6

Praise report: Friday night, Jean-Roni started eating like a champ. Prior to this, he has not been sucking on the bottle, and it has been so hard to just feed him an ounce. He took a super long nap after dinner Friday, and when he woke up, he drank from the bottle the correct way with a full latch on the nipple, and finished 1.3 oz in like 5 mins!

So, I got good rest last night, because it didn’t take long to feed him during the night!


We sifted this ENTIRE pile of manure!

7:00am – Woke up, grabbed a quick breakfast and walked to the Community Development group. This group is a group of Haitians who plan projects to improve Cazale. They rent an l-shaped piece of land that they use for meeting, storing supplies, and growing plants. Our task for today was to prepare the dirt (soil, manure & sand) for planting avocado trees. We started with bags of manure that were beat with large sticks, then we sifted the manure, and the large pieces were returned to a bag and re-beat. We did the process over and over until the entire tarp was covered in powdered manure. It was in our nose and all over our clothes. Fortunately, we were in the shade during this part.
Then we moved on to the dirt. Similar process, minus the beating – we just had to sift out the rocks, which were alot heavier than manure clumps. Someone had to be loosening the earth with a pick, while another shoveled the dirt onto the sifter, and someone had to shake the sifter to get the dirt away from the rocks, then toss the rocks aside. This took lots of upper body strength, which I lack in. And this was all in full sun! I didn’t make it very long helping with this task.
11:00am – We headed back to clean up. Everyone was inspired by my swim in the river yesterday, so we headed down to clean up there. We all jumped in and body surfed the rapids. The kids loved seeing us, and we always had a group of naked butts to journey through the tunnel under the bridge with us! It was so refreshing!
12:00pm – Lunch was yummy Haitian food – a variation of beans, rice and veggies that were so good!
1:00pm-3:00pm – We took an afternoon rest. Jean-Roni was really fussy (he has been for 2 days) because he was constipated, so if I moved a muscle during the rest time, he cried.
3:00pm-4:30pm – We went to the Rescue Center and did the weekly weigh-in of all 60 kids, charting gained and lost weight. Praise the Lord – Jean-Roni finally had a bowel movement!

This evening we have just relaxed.


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