Cazale, Haiti: Jean-Roni

I woke up this morning to a text message from Karen telling me that Jean-Roni passed away yesterday.

1 month ago, I spend 4 days 24-7 with Jean-Roni.
And now he’s dead.

I can’t grasp it.

Karen & I have daydreamed of an older Jean-Roni coming to stay with us.
I’ve wondered about his little face – what would it look like when kwashiorkor was not turning him ‘white’ like me?
And I agonized over turning him over to the busy Rescue Center with 60+ kids & no A/C. The workers gave me a funny look when I tried to read the ‘instructiona’ I had translated on google, explaining that Jean-Roni liked to have the little Walmart lantern turned on when he cried at night.

I miss him – I already have for 35 days.
I mourn the hope for a part in his future.

But I also TRUST in my Sovereign God, that He loved Jean-Roni before me & He has rescued him! Everyday from here on out is kwashiorkor-free.


2 responses to “Cazale, Haiti: Jean-Roni

  1. I’m sorry to read your little friend passed away. We can rejoice he is with the Lord now, but I know that you will miss him still.

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