I’ve never been a big pro- or anti- New Year’s Resolution person.

I spent the end of 2010 frustrated by many things. And I realized that most of them were either about myself, or under my control.

So January 1 seemed like a gift. A year without baggage. A day I could press RESET, and change the pattern of things that seemed wrong or broken.

So I have resolved to change several things:
1. My body.
– Old way: Since I quit WeightWatchers at the beginning of the summer, I have gradually slid back into a gluttonous lifestyle.
– New way: Contemplate what is put in my mouth.
– Old way: Adjusting to the new schedule of driving Arabella to & from Friendswood daily, I never addressed where to exercise.
– New way: Find a place to exercise close to her school. First try will be the Williams Pool.

2. My attitude.
– Old way: I am hyper-critical of everything and everyone. Probably most detrimentally, my husband.
– New way: I am trying to keep my mouth shut as an initial strategy… if I still have the thought to complain, criticize, or over-analyze, I’m going to try to hold it in and pray about it. I am hoping they will be diminished in this captivity.

3. Prayer.
– Old way: Responsive. If I experience fear about an area of my life, I am likely to pray. But I haven’t been praying much about the future.
– New way: I am consciously trying to pray about the direction God would like us to take, asking about specific ideas and dreams we have, hoping He will reshape it into His will, pictured in my head.
– Old way: All in my head.
– New way: More on paper.

4. Parenting.
– Old way: Not sure what to describe here.
– New way: More routine. More positive reinforcement. More scripture memory.

5. Leisure time.
– Old way: Watching TV.
– New way: Playing games with kids, with Joel. Demonstrating good use of time to kids – read, study bible, interact more.

Already, only 3 days of prioritizing my daily Bible reading has filled my heart with the Hope and Peace that has eluded me for several months.

Why am I always surprised again?


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