This past summer, Kaleo had a seminar on the Sabbath. It kinda frustrated me, since as a mom & pastor’s wife, Sundays are very busy days. But I couldn’t shake the idea that just as in tithing I have seen God multiply our money, in Sabbath obedience He could multiply my time. I tried to start a rhythm of
Saturday Sabbath-keeping, but this was quickly pushed aside by lots of Saturday events.

Jump to this Sunday. I haven’t been going to church much lately. Kinda dealing with some baggage (the wrong way). But we’ve had busy holidays, and Saturday night I realized Sunday I must have a Sabbath rest. So I stayed up late Saturday night, doing the beginning of the month/beginning of the week stuff I normally do Sundays.

Here’s the magic:
Sunday was the most positive day I’ve had in 3 months.
I started a novel (not a good one afterall).
I played Scrabble with Joel.
Then I started working on unfinished Precepts homework from the fall… the lesson was on the Sabbath.


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