Adoption has a cost

Adoption is a huge passion of mine.

First of all, I was adopted in God’s family as a daughter.
Second, God brought my Darin to me by another mother’s womb.

Adoption always comes with a cost. Just as birth comes through the cost of labor, adoption had a cost. Maybe that’s because nothing of value is free.
My adoption by God cost Jesus his life.
My adoption of Darin cost Lonnie (tummy mama) a piece of her heart & cost us money & faith. $5,000 & faith that God would knit 2 families into 1.

Right now, 3 friends of mine are waiting to welcome a new baby into their home through adoption.
And all three have paid $5,000. But the cost doubled – social work & ministry to tummy moms takes time & money.

Can we carry some of this cost?
I would love to tell the stories of each family but family-mergers are delicate things with tiny hearts that need protecting.

If you will consider helping, I will send you a private message with a story of each family. (Email me)

Consider $25


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