How He loves

The John Mark McMillan song ‘How He Loves’ is a bit controversial around my house. It became very popular over the last few months around our Christian circles, and my husband had various opinions about that.

I don’t hear nearly as much new music as Joel, so I’m not sure I had ever heard this song until the first meeting for Redeemed Ministries, a Houston-area human sex SLAVERY abolition group, that I attended.

I spent the morning learning about the human trafficking of girls & boys, not so unlike me, into lives of slavery – in bondage to drugs, shame, felonies, rejection, and fear. Then I went to the general meeting where we heard specific updates on specific slaves Redeemed is working to set free.

Honestly, it is super overwhelming. How do we restore a life ripped to shreds?
How do we do it over & over & over & over, returning hope to the Hopeless?

But I also realized this task is not optional. It must be done.

At the end of the General meeting, the leader of Redeemed mentioned how much God had already provided over the past year, and how specifically God answered prayers prayed last year.

And since this task is IMPOSSIBLY BIG for us, we must unite in worshipping God and prayer.

So 2 girls volunteered to lead us in a worship song.

And this is the song we sang:
How He Loves.

Love’s like a hurricane, I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His glory…

And it was comforting to be engulfed by God, too big to be contained, more than powerful enough to consume all these human sex trafficking victims and heal them.

Like He did me.


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