Balance and finding peace

February was a huge turning point for me. It was on our 10 year anniversary trip, and I was contemplating being overextended… and I had brought along One Thousand Gifts to read.

That’s when I wrote them down:

Things to be known for:
Spiritual leadership

After reading on page 66, “On every level of life, from housework to heights of prayer, in all judgement and efforts to get things done, hurry and impatience are sure marks of the amateur.”

Isn’t that just me? Always in such an impatient hurry, that I never become a “pro” at anything.

Well, not anymore.
I used that list, that weekend, to help me decide if I could continue to juggle the extra job of teaching people about microboards. It was a project that just made so much sense to me that it took awhile to evaluate how it was taking AWAY from what I was working toward in the long run.

Today, I am back to that list.
For the past month, even more 2 weeks, I have lost balance. The project this time: the microboard created to be a support for Arabella and Darin.
It became the creator, using me as a tool for it’s good.
I have not read my Bible, I have not enjoyed the kids, I have neglected other things, and I almost have an ulcer.

And yesterday, I started evaluating if this tool was worth all it was costing me.
Tonight, I decided it was not.

And the confirmation: ahhhhh, that old friend, peace


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