Urgent!!! Help save 2 boys with Down Syndrome from life in an orphanage

Listen to this amazing story!

A Houston mom, Julie Kehm, has 2 biological children… Lilah and Kai, who has Down syndrome & attends the Rise School with my son Darin.
Through Reece’s Rainbow, they found Peter, who has Down syndrome and is waiting to be adopted in an orphanage on the other side of the world. He will be their 3rd child, and 2nd child with Down syndrome. They have been planning for his adoption for months.
They also met Ty on Reece’s Rainbow – he lives in the same orphanage as Peter, and also has Down syndrome. They have been donating toward Ty’s potential adoption, and watching to see if a family picked him the whole time they have prepared to adopt Peter.
Last week, as they waited to get a travel date to pick up Peter, they decided they will be bring Ty home, too.

Summary: (Kai + Lilah) + (Peter + Ty) = 4 kids, 3 with Down syndrome!
Read Julie’s full version of this story on Around the World in Seven Months!

These people are God’s hands for these boys!

So let’s back them up! They need an extra $4,000 to bring both boys home… they just (on 11/25) received notice they need to be in eastern Europe on December 6, so they will travel on 12/3.

1. Donate here with Paypal.
2. Leave a comment on A Perfect Lily to enter a raffle for donating to bring Ty & Peter home to the Kehm family!


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