Adoptions today, tomorrow, this month!

Today has been a joyful, anxious, prayerful day on behalf of several friends. Adoption is an exercise in NO CONTROL!

Maybe I can let them steal your heart too, so you will pray:

  1. The Foster’s baby boy was due… but he is holding out til tomorrow! Read more here to see about their long wait and heartbreaks along the way…
  2. The Williston’s waited today for a tummy mama to sign over her rights, so they can begin parenting tiny baby Levi Nicholas tomorrow.
  3. The Kehm’s are finally in the Ukraine to pick up Ty & Peter from an orphanage! Hopefully, they will see the boys tomorrow (for the first time in person!) but they may still be away from home (& 2 more kids) for 3-6 weeks. Lots of prayers!

Adoption is a long process requiring enduring faith.
We need people that will hold us up as we get tired!

I have 3 others who are not so close to the finish line!
Please beg our Father to bring their babies home:

  1. The Puckett’s have been working on adopting Peterson since Summer 2010. He still lives in Haiti, far from home.
  2. The Barlow’s are praying for the next step in their approval process to be completed this month. They are trying to get to Bulgaria to pick up Heaven as soon as possible!
  3. The Clarkson’s are praying for a little girl in Ukraine, that God will make a way for her to join their family.

One response to “Adoptions today, tomorrow, this month!

  1. Thank you for thinking of us and praying for us!!

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