Sleep and my snoogle

This year, I have really struggled with sleep. Quality sleep.
I eventually got tested for sleep apnea, and got a c-pap machine… but I’m still adjusting to that.

My major problem was discomfort flat on my back, numbness in my arms on my stomach, numbness on my side. I needed an in-between sleep position.

For my birthday, I asked for a special pillow called a Snoogle.
It is amazing. Imagine a boppy meets a body pillow.

Now, with the Snoogle, I can be propped halfway between my back and my side, with one leg over/one leg under, one shoulder over/one shoulder under.

My Darin also sleeps terribly due to sleep apnea. He roams around the house, thrashes around, and ends up in my bed kicking me in the ribs.

Then came the Snoogle. When Darin comes into my bed, I just tuck him in the “c” of the snoogle, no wiggling!

So, my recent craft project was to create a slightly-shorter Snoogle for each of the kids!


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