Joyful stressless busy-ness

This year has been transformational for me.
It all started in February, with One Thousand Gifts.
It continued in the summer with prioritizing.

And here I am now, living a different life.

It is wonderful.

My generational sin, shared with my mother, is busyness for busyness’s sake. Overcommitment.

The problem isn’t WHAT was keeping me busy. Often I was busy with good things, but they were keeping me from doing the important things, the things laid on my heart by God, the eternal things.

So February was the beginning of a purge of “good” but extra things keeping me busy.
July was a reminder that I relapsed… replacing the purged items with new “good” things.

Then September & October were a blur of job-related chaos that I had no say or control over.

But then came NOVEMBER!

I think November has been the most joyful stressless peaceful busyness if my life.

In November, there was finally room for Redeemed. Volunteering with Redeemed has been a wonderful busyness. I have made a new sweet friend Kelly Summers, spent lots of time with my Karen, and been able to share ministry with my daughter.

I love today!


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