More adoption updates!

  1. The Foster’s baby boy was due… but he is holding out til tomorrow! Read more here to see about their long wait and heartbreaks along the way… This week, the Foster’s spent 1 day with baby Matthew, then his birthmother decided not to place him for adoption. This is a very sad , hard loss for them. After 8 days, birthmother called the Foster’s and signed Matthew over to them. Please pray for her broken loving heart.
  2. The Kehm’s are finally in the Ukraine to pick up Ty & Peter from an orphanage! Hopefully, they will see the boys tomorrow (for the first time in person!) but they may still be away from home (& 2 more kids) for 3-6 weeks. Lots of prayers! Julie & Cameron have made it to Ukraine to meet the boys… But have been informed Ty cannot be adopted. So sad. There are still 2 weeks of formalities before they bring Peter home. Please pray! Continue to pray for the Kehm’s… They’ve been away from home 13 days already… & are hoping for a court date this Wednesday. Then they will have a 10 day waiting period before they can bring Peter home. That’s a long time away from their other kids… & they will miss Christmas here.

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